Tablet Repairs

What do we repair?

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Mobile Device Repairs

What Do We repair?


No matter the device, we can fix it.

Every iPad or tablet repair starts with a free diagnostic exam to determine if just the glass is broken or if the LCD is damaged as well. From there, repairs can begin in-store and usually take about an hour.

We Repair These Brands

Screen Replacements​

Screen replacements are our specialty and we can have it replaced under an hour approximately.

Battery & USB Charging Port Issues

Have you been suffering from poor battery performance? No worries, we can get it replaced with a 100% brand new genuine battery and set your battery back to it’s great performance. 

If your USB charging port is acting up and unable to give power to your device, Don’t panic ! It’s an easy fix please visit us.

Camera Issues​

If your device camera is blurry and not taking clear and crisp pictures, we can get it replaced with a new one and get you back to enjoy your photography sessions.


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